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Far East

East has always attracted visitors from around the globe. Multitudes of tourists from all over the world book Far East holidays to enjoy in some of the most exotic and azure lands of the planet. Thailand, Singapore & Malayasia.






Sunny sandy beaches, timeless deserts, five-star services, legendary hotels, vibrant shopping centres and gleaming skyscrapers describe Dubai. Dubai is the coming of two worlds. The conventional and contemporary world blends itself majestically and the Dubai we see is a dream vision. The historical facade of Dubai includes Grand Mosque, The Dubai museum, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House and Jumeirah mosque. The modern Dubai has abundant gems as well, Burj Khalifa, the Dubai fountain and the Palm islands being a few of them. Dubai lures tourists with its excellent shopping opportunities and its



South Africa

Natural beauty, thrilling adventures and numerous fascinations sum up Cape Town. Stupendously beautiful, Cape Town looks and feels different from the rest of South Africa. With Cape Town Tourism Guide explore the enticing city for yourself. It is a city where no one can get bored. Its unique topography offers a variety of activities, from windsurfing and mountain climbing to wine tasting and sun bathing. But Cape Town's real draw is its vibrant multiculturalism. A setting for many scenic wonders, magnificent seascapes and panoramic vistas, the City is an exceptional cultural treasure, resulting from the blend of Indonesian, French, Dutch, British and German


Australia & New Zealand

The South Pacific is an amiable destination offering the scintillating exotic hideaways, fascinating friendly people and matchless vibrant cultures. The circumference of the city offers a variety of distinctive experiences giving one the fascinating access to the obdurate standards of excellence in every detail. Tourist from all around the world book flights to explore these enigmatical destinations wandering through the ancient rainforests and bustling cities of Australia while getting awe struck by the natural beauty and splendid architecture of New Zealand. The stunning conurbation of Australia consist of a vast expanses of astounding natural beauty, travelers from around the world will receive a warm welcome form the locals.